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YAR Magazine

A bi-annual publication that brings together creatives
from all over Pakistan, serving a delicious blend of design, writing, illustration, photography, posters, stickers and much more.

So, what is the magazine about?

We wanted the theme of Pakistan’s first ever creative magazine issue to revolve around honest expression that youngsters nowadays are afraid to follow. Therefore, ‘Self Discovery’ was our best pick. YAR magazine aims to be a utopia for it’s readers, their go-to escape plan from the mundaneness of life. For contributors, it aims to be a judgement-free zone where they are free to be themselves!

In the magazine, the featured artists have created art fearlessly, not caring whether it aligns well with the trends. The featured writers have risen to speak up and have narrated untold stories. This is something you don’t want to miss out. With all that, this frolic magazine includes tips and tricks from local designers, comics, fun activities, letters from the community and many surprises.

THEME #1: Self Discovery

We want the first issue of the magazine to be as exciting as possible. Some of the features are:

  • YAR AKHBAR – A mini newspaper celebrating milestones achieved by the creative community and our friends!
  • Self Discovery Quiz
  • Rise of the Creatives Guide Map
  • INSIDER LOOK – at the sketchbooks of designers and artists
  • Rejected work – Work that was rejected by clients, but tells stories about it’s creators!
  • Exciting Stickers to use on your laptop, phone or notebook
  • Comics and Memes section
  • Personalized letters by creatives to YAR

Well, who who is featured?

We’re still in process of curating and finalizing contributors of the magazine. Some of the shortlisted creatives for the first issue are:

MAGAZINE UPDATE: The team has decided to put the magazine on hold for now. We are just at the beginning of a creative revolution in Pakistan. In a country like ours where not many people support creatives, there’s still a lot of work and awareness to be spread prior to publishing the first ever creative magazine. We aim to publish the YAR magazine when this community has expanded to a larger audience, because it is essential to ensure that such a large print run (with thousands of copies) and YOUR brilliant content lands in as many hands as possible.

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