What is yar all about?

YAR – Young Activists Republic is a creative community that is now thriving with over 6000 creatives, bringing together writers, artists, designers, and all sorts of creators to celebrate progressive dialogue and honest self expression.

Its a print and digital platform for young local artists where they can express themselves through art, design, and writing.

We are also coming up with Pakistan’s first ever creative magazine, showcasing the work of underrated local creatives!

How to become a YAR?

Well, there are three main ways to become a YAR!

If you’ve already submitted your work to us and received the YAR badge, Congratulations! You’re already a SUBMITYAR.

The second way to become a part of this community is by becoming a SUPPORTYAR where you truly support the creative community by sharing, liking and commenting on the featured work.

Lastly, you can become our JIGRI YAR by pledging to our project on kickstarter and helping the dream turn into a reality

What does being a YAR mean?

Being a YAR means that you support the honest expression of the creative community and breaking away from the trends, algorithms that act as a barrier and create a very low self esteem within the creatives