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Beware and mindful of social media use

Don’t let social media control you, control it!

I upload a new piece of art on my instagram, constantly returning for a quick check on the likes and comments I have received, my engagement is low… and so is my creative self esteem as an artist.

Haven’t we all fallen into this trap of despair at some point in our journey as creators? Some of us are currently struggling with negative feelings.. Comparing, overanalyzing and judging art that comes from the heart.

But YAR, I am here to tell you that it is time to stop measuring our worth up against trending topics and standards set by robotic algorithms. It’s time to be consciously mindful of social media use.

But how?

1) Setting a purpose

I constantly remind myself that instagram is a portal through which I share my work with the world and so, it shouldn’t be affecting my creative process. Constantly remind yourself that you are on a solitary journey of enjoying your craft. Distance yourself from any expectations that you may have placed on yourself for e.g: creating art about a certain topic, using a certain color scheme or style because it is celebrated. Rather- close your eyes, clear your mind and simply question yourself ‘’Why am I creating art?

Is it to express, polish my skills, practice, let go of my feelings or is it to gain an audience, likes, followers and reposts? Social media popularity is tangible and temporary, It does not bring the fulfillment that making art for its own sake does.

2) Going on a cleaning spree

Admit it, we are all secretly obsessing over some instagram pages despite knowing that our guilty pleasure is toxic. While, it is okay to seek inspiration from other artists. Some profiles may be doing the opposite, because we can’t stop judging ourselves against them. Well my friend, let go! Unfollow. Nobody posts the lows- the crumpled balls of paper because we didn’t like the end results, deleted files and messed up creative processes. You are learning and growing. Just don’t give up and you will be the next *inserts your guru’s name*!

3) Limiting time

The greatest problems we face today is excessive social media use. The clock is ticking and I can’t stop scrolling. Nonetheless, it is so important to take a break. We need to free leave space to think happy thoughts, meditate, hang out with nature for the inspiration to come. When we keep looking at what someone else is accomplishing (so many art works in a row when I haven’t even picked up a pencil for days) we tend to doubt our ability to create.
But remember YAR, you don’t have to put out content to be content. Take all the time you need, this is not a race.

Thats it from me folks,

Let the journey of healthy social media use begin!


Pakistani artists responded to the global climate emergency while taking the art scene by storm!

The state may be putting in little effort – but the young artists of Pakistan have responded! Thumps and chants echoed from every corner of Pakistan as youngsters marched their way on the 20th of September to restore the natural resources of planet Earth and demand climate justice!


16 year old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg called out for young people around the world to gather and take part in a massive coordinated strike to protest government and business inaction on climate change.

YAR believes in freedom of expression and support actions that could possibly bring change in a community, to make it a better place. And realizing that the climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of today, We made an open call on the 6th of September, calling all artists and designers to ‘Rise for the Climate’ and use their art to raise awareness on issues like plastic use, global warming, water shortage etc.

The Open Call for slogans and posters for the Climate March was overwhelming. The poster submissions received on YAR’s website came from a diverse local audience – a variety of ages and ethnicities contributed without bounds.

Over 40 posters were received from across Pakistan, out of which 7 were selected to be displayed at the Climate Action March across the country. The rest of the incredible submissions were featured on YAR Collective’s Instagram stories.


The artwork received in response to the open call was localised, inclusive and highlighted various alarming environmental issues including plastic use, bee extinction, air pollution and water pollution. Some artists took a leap and used Urdu typography, while some employed the power of digital illustration. In some artworks, a destroyed future was seen and warned against.


“While we tend to make excuses about not being able to do anything to help this planet, controlling our use of plastic is something we can all do. Kudos to YAR Collective for working on the issue of global warming and leading this movement of change and awareness.YAR is a movement that makes us all proud to be a part of, providing us young creatives a safe space to learn and grow, while educating us about important issues at the same time.” said Maheen Zahid, an artist from Lahore, and a member of the YAR community.


Throughout history we have seen creative thinkers being the prime driving force of a society, those who redirect the course of society towards independence and play an indispensable role in creating change. This is #riseofthecreatives, where we bring together creative thinkers and boost their self-esteem to bring social change.


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