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About Us

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YAR – Young Activists Republic is a creative community of writers, artists, designers and creators, coming together to celebrate ideas and assisting them in getting the word out about their work.

YAR: Young Activists Republic; We are a community of over 8000 enthusiastic, original and wacky creatives that want to celebrate honest ideas! We come together to create a safe space for writers, artists, designers and creators in general. As a digital and print platform, we encourage local and international creatives to join us and to express themselves through art, design and writing. Our purpose is to make people comfortable in their own skin of art; be more confident towards their ideas and share it with other creatives and of course, us! Fighting to break the chains enforced by social media algorithms-so that creatives are free to be themselves.

The Upcoming YAR Magazine:

Due to an immense amount various visual content being shared on social media, art and design gets buried among other more ‘popular’ and ‘algorithm-friendly’ posts, thereby resulting in decreased reach for more original expression and causing discouragement, low self-esteem among the creatives. The YAR community introduces Pakistan’s first ever one-of-a-kind publication that will showcase exciting and thought-provoking work by the local creatives of the country integrating print with digital technologies and allowing multilingual content to be published. A bi-annual print publication for youngsters to express freely without any barriers to creativity, in their own visual style and their own preferred language for expression thereby inculcating confidence and creative self-esteem.

Our Team

The dream team aka sup-YAR-heroes!

Muhaddisa Shahzad

Founder/ Designer

A design maestro standing up for creatives in a world of algorithms and trends!

Safa Abdul Karim

Content Writer

A social butterfly and an even better writer!

Muhammad Danish

UI/ UX Developer

The best introverted web designer plus graphic designer in town!


Don’t just take it from us, let our YARs do the talking!

Rabab Shahzad Creative Writer

“The need for a local creative community was very strong, and I am so glad that an initiative like YAR has sprouted forth. It helps empower creative provision so that it is accepted by society. It empowers creatives to express and gives them a sense of belonging which is very reassuring. Knowing that your art matters and that you have an impact is what all creatives need.”

Tazeen Hussain Head of IVS design department

“Pakistan is a nation brimming with talent but very few creative opportunities where talent can be showcased. Yar offers a unique opportunity for creatives to not only showcase themselves in whatever language and format. The most important thing is the community and network of creatives this initiative has facilitated.”

Maha Nauman Visual Artist at Karachi University

“I think it is so important to have a community of creatives especially in Pakistan where so many people still look down on the arts. The community is a constant reassurance that others like us out there. It gives me a sense of belonging.”


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